Ethnic Thought of the Warring States Period





Published date: 

December, 2017


Chi-shen Chang


This article intends to present the rich content of the ethic thought in the Warring States period. There are two main features to be noted. First, instead of referring to the continuous development of the ethic thought of the Spring and Autumn period, that of the Warring States period marks the reversal of the former ---- a phenomenon which has been ignored hitherto.  Second, the ethnic thought in the Warring States period contains several important points of interest, such as the significant contribution made by Mozi in providing a new outlook for understanding the Chinese-Yi relation, and the idea of winning support from the Yi and Di people not by force, but by peaceful means (e.g., good governmence, tribute-trade, courtesy and respect). Other highly valuable ideas are the views regarding whether human nature differs between the Chinese and the Yi how to deal with their cultural differences , and some other quite unique but enlighting strands of thought regarding identity politics.