The Political Feasibility Analysis of Post-Disaster Relocation Policy: The Case of Relocation of Teng- Zhi Tribe, Kaoshiung County





Published date: 

June, 2009


Yu-chang Ke


Relocation involves a variety of aspects, which makes this issue
more complicated. Based on previous experience, lack of stakeholders’
endorsement to the policy contents is one of the reasons why it is seldom
to see successful cases for relocation for reducing losses from natural
hazards. Accordingly, this study explores the political feasibility analysis
of relocation for natural hazard mitigation from the viewpoint of New
Institutionalism. The methods included are the methods of stakeholder
analysis, interview, list of political feasibility, and scenario writing. With all
the methods, this study discusses the motives, beliefs, resources, positions,
and influences of stakeholders on the relocation policy of Teng-Zhi Tribe,
Kaoshiung County. Hopefully, through political feasibility analysis, we
can strengthen our abilities for policy formulation, and also understand the
motives, beliefs, and positions of participants.