Theory and Practice of “Security Governance”: A Study on the Construction and Evolution of ASEAN Security Governance





Published date: 

December, 2005


Hao Yang


In the field of International Relations, very few scholars engaged in integrating “security” and “governance” eithe theoretically or empirically. This paper proposes to construct the theoretical concept of “security governance.” Empirically, this paper tends o elucidate the evolution of regional “security governance” in contemporary Southeast Asia. It attempts to discuss the significance of “ASEAN Security Community” proposed in the 9th ASEAN Summit of 2003 and analyze its implication to Southeast Asian security.

Accordingly, this paper scrutinizes the governance of Southeast Asian security. Three portions are included: (1) conceptualization: the literature of “governance” and “security” respectively, the concept of “security governance,” and its implication to regional security are proposed; (2) empirical illustration: the evolution of Southeast Asian security governance is examined; (3) theoretical reflection: the contribution of this theoretical framework is further discussed.