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Volume #14, Number #1

Published in June, 2010

In recent years, the U.S. Supreme Court’s treatment of commercial
speech has undergone transformations, from total non-protection under
the First Amendment to less protection or even to qualified protection.
However, why is commercial speech entitled to only less protection? The
transformations indicate that commercial speech may not be less valuable

Weber H. W. Lai

Voters are nested in electoral districts and are therefore often affected
by the macro-level characteristics of the districts. By incorporating both the
individual-level and district-level variables, we construct a two-level model
to analyze voters’ voting choices on the single-member-district ballot in the
2008 legislative election. We find that indeed some...

Yi-ching Hsiao, Chi Huang

Contrary relations between utility and beauty are conceived by Han
Fei: one is that the two are incompatible and utility should take the place of
beauty, while the other has to do with redefining beauty in light of utility,
and thus not only making the two compatible, but also having the former
provide support to the latter. How these contrasting relations between...

Kang Chan

Whether people identify themselves as Taiwanese or Chinese has been
an issue of importance since the beginning of democratization in Taiwan.
This article explores whether the strength-of-association statistic between
education and self-identity among Taiwanese people has changed over
the past 15 years during which Taiwan has undergone substantial political

Kuang-hui Chen, Chi-lin Tsai

In a democracy that features elections as the main mechanism
for its representative government, the interests and values of minority,
disadvantaged and non-mainstream groups in the pluralistic society
can never be fully pursued and reflected. On the other hand, under the
increasing influence of globalization, the importance and jurisdiction scope
of the agencies...

Way Sun