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Volume #19, Number #1

Published in June, 2015

  The flows of economic globalization highlight the tensions among
marketing logic, sovereignty, and human rights. What this comes to reveal
is the fact that a fully enclosed border becomes impractical, that is, the
functionality of the sovereign state in terms of controlling the border
has met its predicament. Under globalization, how will the new global

Shih-chian Hung

Brownfield redevelopment is meant to correct environmental
injustice but the redevelopment process and benefit distribution could result
in injustice again. However, brownfield redevelopment justice has rarely
drawn public attention because people wrongly believe that a revitalized
brownfield site indicates that justice has been served for pollution victims.

Tsuey-ping Lee

While conventional statistical methods usually assume that the error
term in the models are independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.),
this assumption is usually violated when observations are interdependent
due to the strategic interactions among players. The violation of the i.i.d
assumption results in the inefficient estimation of standard errors that can...

Wen-chin Wu

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that the influence of an
internationalizing coalition on political leaders is a key mediating variable
in the relationship between trade interdependence and international
conflict. In the literature, scholars have contradicting theories and empirical
conclusions about whether trade interdependence promotes peace or

Chien-wu Hsueh

Policy representation has been one of the foremost topics in political
science. The pre-condition is the stability of policy preferences. While
individual opinions may be influenced by many sources, scholars have
found the macro level of opinion to be stable. The disaggregation of
survey data may lead to the problem of a large standard deviation being

Chia-hung Tsai