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Volume #4, Number #1

Published in December, 2000

Taiwan’s democratization is fundamentally election-driven. This article analyzes how Taiwan‘s electoral competition has brought about dramatic changes in party system at the elite and mass levels. On the one hand, electoral opening provides political elit

Chia-lung Lin

In this paper. the [999 European (Parliament) election has been used to test relevant theories on European elections have been regarded as second-order elections for decades. The 1999 European election is no exception, because it three defined characteris

David Wei-feng Huang

The phenomenon of divided government ; that is, the executive and legislative branches are controlled by different political parties has become daily reality in Taiwan‘s national and local politics. Yet it receives relatively little attention from a compa

Chi Huang, Chung-li Wu

Democratic transition has been one of the most researched topics in the American political science in the past several decades. As Taiwanese politics was transformed in the late 1980's to democracy, the case also gained wide attention from both the Americ

Naiteh Wu