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The Impacts of Political Attitudes on the Acceptance of Taiwanese Sovereignty by Mainland Chinese Students Studying in Taiwan

The core issue of cross-Strait relations lies in the debate over sovereignty. This study targets Mainland Chinese students studying in Taiwan for a short period of time as research subjects. Through questionnaires, the impact of political attitudes on the acceptance of Taiwanese sovereignty is investigated. This study’s research findings show that the acceptance of Taiwanese sovereignty by Mainland Chinese students studying in Taiwan is generally low with a mean of 1.63.

Democracy Deepening or Party Competition? A Primary Analysis of Taiwan’s 2004 Referendum

Previous studies on voting participation used to model individuals’ utilities and duties as the forces driving their participation. It is assumed that people maximize their utilities when they turn out. In the 2004 referendum, there were many controversies as to how to exercise direct democracy as well as fierce partisan battles. It is thus necessary to analyze the determinants of voting in the referendum from the perspective of social psychology. There are few empirical studies on the 2004 referendum.

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