cross-Strait relationship

Further Integration or Drifting Apart? Uncovering the Nature and Influence of the Taiwanese People’s Self-Identity under the Circumstances of the Current Cross-Strait Exchange Relationship

Since President Ma's inauguration in 2008, the number of people who recognize themselves to be Taiwanese has been on the increase, and it has become higher than it ever was during Chen Shui-bian’s administration. Some scholars have commented that “with the improvement in the cross–Strait relationship, the Taiwanese identity is in fact growing stronger.” The purpose of this article is to provide an in-depth investigation into the following questions: What is the basis of the Taiwanese people’s self-identification?

The Impacts of Political Attitudes on the Acceptance of Taiwanese Sovereignty by Mainland Chinese Students Studying in Taiwan

The core issue of cross-Strait relations lies in the debate over sovereignty. This study targets Mainland Chinese students studying in Taiwan for a short period of time as research subjects. Through questionnaires, the impact of political attitudes on the acceptance of Taiwanese sovereignty is investigated. This study’s research findings show that the acceptance of Taiwanese sovereignty by Mainland Chinese students studying in Taiwan is generally low with a mean of 1.63.

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