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Volume #2, Number #1

Published in December, 1997

Common understanding and previous studies tend to show that nationalized curriculum and education system have a strong unifying effect on the forming of national identity. Taiwan had been under authoritarian rule with a strong emphasis on nationalistic id

Mau-kuei Chang, Hsin-yi Wu

Existing studies on single nontransferable voting system under -member district (SNTV ~MMD) have focused mainly on its proportionality and consequences and paid little attention to its changeablility. When Japan did replace it with a new electoral system

Jih-wen Lin

Vote—buying has long been a wide —spread phenomenon in elections on Taiwan. It is most commonly practiced by the Kuomintang candidates. This essay analyzes the making and operation of the vote —buying machine of a KMT candidate. The information is collect

Chin-shou Wang

To modify foreign policy to suit the post-Cold War era, the United States has proposed the strategy of democratic enlargement, replacing the outdated communist containment This paper analyzes and assesses the theoretical underpinnings and policy practices

Chih-Chaeng Lo