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Volume #8, Number #1

Published in June, 2004

The study of the causes of voter’s split-ticket voting has gained its prominence following the increasingly emergence of divided governments in America. These literatures are having merits both in quality and quantity. This article firstly reviews the com

Ching-hsin Yu

For the past four decades, Almond and Verba’s pioneering work, The Civic Culture, has remained one of the most popular books in political science, despite many criticisms. Indeed, the continuing popularity of The Civic Culture in the academic community is

Min-hua Huang

With two elections in the same locale, this paper studies the importance of vote-buying to the Kuomintang political machine. The author argues that the role of vote-buying in the KMT political machine is similar to that of lubricating oil in an engine. Wi

Chin-shou Wang

The study of “split-ticket voting” has become a non-negligible topic in political science recently as the upsurge in ticket-splitting has led tomajor impact on U.S. politics, at both the national and state levels, by making divided governments normal rath

Yeh-lih Wang, I-fei Peng