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Volume #9, Number #1

Published in June, 2005

The freedom of speech is one of most important human rights. At present days, the freedom of speech is not only accepted universally, but also written into every country constitution. When time goes on, the meaning of the freedom of speech is getting comp

Weber Hsiang-Wai Lai

Recently, there has been a rising interest in institutionalism in political studies. Institutionalism appears as both empirical theories of politics and normative theories of social justice. This paper examines David Miller’s institutional theory of socia

Man-To Leung

This paper investigates the relationship between political party cooperation and Duverger’s Law. A theoretical model is build in order to demonstrate whether two party leaders would cooperate or not and therefore nominate only one candidate to campaign. T

Hung-Hua Tien, I-Chou Liu

This article is to review and evaluate the “enhanced productivity programme” that was implemented in the Hong Kong Special Administration Region Government from 1998 to 2003. This is an epitome of application of the Anglo-American New Public Management r

Bennis Wai-Yip So

This paper based on A. Downs’ Median Voter Theorem, explores Chen Shui-Bian’s Third-way policy in unification-independence issue during the 2000 presidential election. The character of the empirical framework, based on the probability voter model proposed

Ding-Ming Wang