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Volume #13, Number #2

Published in December, 2009

By searching the Journal Citation Reports of the Social Sciences
Citation Index database, this study investigates the characteristics and
compares the differences in citation data for 83 political science journals.
The journal citation data that are explored include times cited, the impact
factor, the immediacy index, citing half-life, cited half-life, the self-citing...

Ming-yueh Tsay, Mei-chi Chang

The purpose of this study is to probe into the effects of party turnover
in 2000 on the behavior of legislators in terms of law-making and
constituency service. The findings of this study are as follows. First of all,
in terms of law-making, the evidence clearly shows that legislators of both
the Kuomintang and Democratic Progressive Party change their mode of

Ching-hsing Wang

The position of the Taiwanese people over unification-independence
issue assumes enormous practical importance and at the same time attracts
numerous scholarly debates. The primary concern of these debates is
how to clarify the issue entangled with “principles” and “pragmatism”
and then uncover the genuine preferences of the Taiwanese people. For
the purpose, lots...

Shu Keng, Jia-wei Liu, Lu-huei Chen

Previous studies on the experiences of Taiwanese people in China
often discuss whether they would gradually assimilate into the Chinese
society and identify themselves as being Chinese instead of being
Taiwanese. Since the issue of political identity and the relationship across
the Strait have caused disputes among people in Taiwan in the past decade,
it is...

Ping Lin

This article attempts to explore Ronald Dworkin’s democracy from
the perspective of constitutional liberalism. The core of Dworkin’s political
philosophy is “equality”. However, is egalitarian liberalism possible in
democratic life? Or what is democracy in a constitutional practice sense?
In reviewing his works, I argue that Dworkin has not only developed

Min-siang Chen